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Vantage is a premier management company specializing in third-party management of conventional multi-family properties. By utilizing proven solutions developed during our 40 years of experience plus today's sophisticated technologies we are able to address the complex needs of property owners, delivering to them peace of mind that their asset's potential is realized and maximized.

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We're excited to announce our partnership with Rentgrata!

We’re very excited to announce our partnership with


. After a successful 75-day pilot, we’ve seen an increase by 18.3% lead-to-lease conversion rate. At Edgewood and Vantage, we’re always looking for innovative ways to connect with current and prospective residents. By employing Rentgrata’s product, we’ve managed to build an even stronger community.

VP of Marketing, Wendy Simpson, shares, “When our residents participate in a program like this, they feel like they’re giving back. They’re helping prospective residents become neighbors and maybe even friends… Not to mention, it adds a resident’s cashflow every time they refer someone through Rentgrata.”

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