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Nurture the Independent You

Independence celebrations don’t have to be limited to the Fourth of July. There is no reason to pay tribute to peoples’ autonomy solely with sparklers and a patriotic trio of colors. In fact, everyone could benefit from taking a moment to recognize the strength in one’s self-determination that drives them. If you are fortunate enough to live at Gallery Bethesda II, the following are convenient ways to say, “thank you” to the stellar Bethesda community, and more importantly, to yourself, for the liberties that allow you to be your very best.

Local Independence

Exploring the numerous and impressive self-made businesses of Bethesda is made easy by the Gallery Bethesda II location, being walking distance from downtown. Included in the large array of local businesses in the area is the Bethesda Central Farm Market. This market is one of the largest in the region, hosting over one hundred independent vendors of the freshest, locally grown produce and products. The community driven event is open on Sundays year-round in the bustling downtown, offering a seasonal variety of crops. From just-picked fruits and vegetables to local Maryland winery and brewery tastings, it will be tough to spend Sunday mornings at the supermarket once you give it a try.

After you’ve filled your basket, make the short walk home to the Gallery Bethesda II apartments, where the sleek and modern kitchens are begging to be cooked in. Stocked with upscale appliances, the recipe possibilities are endless. Cooking for yourself stimulates your senses—decreasing stress, increasing creativity, and building the confidence needed to be your best.


Personal Independence

After nurturing your community and nourishing your body, take time to tend to your mind. Allowing for personal time to foster relaxation and growth will facilitate positive development in so many different ways. There are endless avenues to take to accomplish this. Every person is unique, and so every personality is influenced more effectively in some ways rather than in others. It is important to cater to the specificity of one’s own preferences. Luckily, this is not only a doable task, but a simple one.

Downtown Bethesda offers a variety of health and wellness activities and stores. Perhaps you are the type that indulges in shopping therapy; take a stroll to one of the many local boutiques such as Luna or The Blue House. If exercise is the de-stressor that you seek, consider taking a class at one of the many studios like Solidcore or Sculpt, offering everything from boxing to Pilates. If your body needs a little pick-me-up, try cleansing at the Puree Artisan Juice Bar to replenish and reset with a vitamin-packed treat. These excursions have the potential to create the necessary platform to go about the day with the fervor that we are all capable of.

Everyday Independence

In a perfect world, we could do all of this, every day. It is the daily work that people do which allows them to capitalize on the freedom they have when they go home. For those times where self-care is overshadowed by the hustle and bustle of the week, the value of Gallery Bethesda II is even more apparent. Instead of taking a class downtown, save time and take the elevator down to the state-of-the-art workout facilities in the building. Rather than walk to the nearest juice bar, make a farm-fresh fruit salad in the luxurious kitchens. Do what works for you, when it works, because you can! Between our own strength and the help of others, happy living is imminent.

Whether it is appreciating the freedom that has allowed small, local businesses to grow, or the ever-important reflection on one’s own accomplishments, that ability to make decisions is the catalyst of growth. Progress never stops, especially at the Gallery Bethesda II apartments, where every day is aimed at finding ways to bring out the best possible you!

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