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Live with a Flourish

You’ve just moved into a beautiful apartment at Gallery Bethesda II, so you’re already off to a superb start in creating a lifestyle you love. There are so many highlights in each apartment, from expansive windows flooding the living spaces with sunlight to the nearly perfect kitchen designed with form and function in mind. The only thing that these elegant apartment spaces need to be absolutely perfect is an expression of you.

It starts with furniture. Whether you have a collection of pieces gathered over the years, or are going to start fresh with new pieces to suite your current style these pieces start to set the tone for the entire space. Comfy, cozy, and colorful; sleek, stylish, and subdued; or somewhere in between, the spaces at Gallery Bethesda II suit all tastes with a neutral palette and flexible spaces that are featured throughout each residence.

Find your flow

The first step to transforming your place into an Instagrammable interior is to get your floor plan set to create the flow you desire. Where do the big pieces go (e.g. sofa, chairs, bookshelves, etc)? Place them and take a walkthrough. Does it feel right? Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways to arrange your furniture. You never know if something will work unless you give it a try. It’s important to get the layout how you want it to get a feel for the visual landscape of the walls. 


When the big things are set, the small things have to find a home. From kitchen utensils to clothes, all the things you own should have a set place. It makes keeping a tidy apartment easier and will create efficiencies and save time if well-planned. The kitchen is key. A good deal of everyday things live in the kitchen, especially if you cook regularly. Take a moment to think about how you will use the kitchen and determine the most convenient and practical spots to store your wares. Closets are a great place to have an organization plan, too. Color coded, seasonal, alphabetical, it doesn’t matter how you organize, just as long as you have a system that works for you. With clutter out of the way and everything in its place, you can move on to the walls.

Décor above the floor

An apartment just doesn’t feel “finished” until the walls are adorned. Take stock of the paintings posters, hanging sculptures, plants and whatever else you may want to decorate your walls. Since you’ve considered all the other parts of your space, the walls are the last step to that interior designed look and you can set out pieces where you think they might fit. Before you hammer the first nail, take a moment to research wall décor on Pinterest, Houzz, or any medium to gather a little inspiration for the finished product. A great way to fill a big wall is to hang a big and bold statement piece. Whether it’s vintage wire sculpture, a framed painting or some other attention-grabber, a single large piece is the easiest way to give life to a large wall. If you don’t have that one piece to bring the room together, consider a gallery wall of many little pieces to enhance the wall. It can be organized, with all the pieces sized and framed the same, or an eclectic, mixing and matching of different styles of frames, shelves and objects. Regardless of how you fill your walls, they should reflect some part of you, whether it’s your past, present or where you are going in the future.

We hope this gives you a launching point to add your personal style statement inside your Gallery Bethesda II apartment. And if you haven’t yet secured an amazing apartment in downtown Bethesda, schedule a tour with us; we’d love to show you around and help your style flourish. 



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