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Let’s Get a Head Start on 2019 at Gallery Bethesda II Apartments!

Launch into your New Year’s resolutions in our apartments in Bethesda.


There truly is nothing better than a fresh, new year to give you the motivation to shake things up a little in your life. Fitness, jobs, personal projects and more get put on hold for so many reasons. The turn of the calendar just gives you the much-needed reset to reprioritize. What are your goals for 2019?


Let’s Get Fit!

Getting more exercise is always one of the top resolutions for people. It’s also one of the most abandoned a few weeks into January. We get it. It’s a hard time to recommit to exercise when it’s cold and dark outside before and after work. What if you had a fantastic place to workout right in your home? Gallery Bethesda II has exactly that, a health-club-inspired fitness center that’s ready when you are. Yoga, weights, cardio, whatever your workout, this is the place you can do it.


Let’s Eat Better!

Another of the most popular goals for the New Year goes hand-in-hand with getting physically fit. More veggies, more whole grains, less candy and junk food. It’s a tough order when life gets busy and time gets tight. It’s just so easy to grab some fast food or a doughnut for breakfast. Change your location and change your options! With a huge selection of amazing restaurants of all cuisines throughout Woodmont Triangle, you’ll find some terrific (and healthy) options in a hurry. There’s even Aria Market Deli right across the lane for good, fresh and quick options on your way to work.


Let’s Take Care Of Ourselves!

This one is very important. While the first two goals on this list are an important part of personal care, this refers more to mental health, and taking time for yourself to rest and recharge amidst the onslaught of obligations that is sure to come in the new year. Reserve time in your schedule to take a break every so often to enjoy solitude in your amazing apartment, hang out with friends in an awesome clubroom or engage in hobbies at home; it doesn't matter what it is. What matters is that you feel energized or fully rested by doing something you love.


And just to give you a little more added inspiration, why not choose to live at the best apartments in Bethesda? Our community has all of the things you need to start 2019 off exactly how you want. Get yourself a beautiful new apartment in Bethesda at Gallery Bethesda II. Schedule your tour today to find your new home for the New Year!

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