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Find your “Refreshed You”

Whether it's a new hat, a spa day, or a night out with friends, we all need a refresh from time to time. When the daily grind gets the best of you, that’s the moment you need to reset, revitalize and reenergize for the days ahead. If you’re lucky enough to live at Gallery Bethesda II, all the following are things you can do anytime to refresh body, mind and spirit. And if you’re looking for a new apartment in Bethesda, these options to re-up your game may help you decide. 



If it’s been one of those days, you can go in a couple directions for relief. Number one, work it out with a trip to the gym. Pump yourself up and release the stresses of the day through your muscles. Gallery Bethesda II has a superb fitness center, inspired by top health clubs, that will help you get the endorphin release a healthy body needs.

The second way to de-stress is to comfort yourself with a spa experience and can easily be added to your post-workout routine. Whether you choose to book an appointment at one of Bethesda’s excellent day spas or use the on-site amenities to alleviate the tension, a soothing experience is only minutes away. Slip into the jetted pool on the rooftop and let the open air space and water melt away stress. Alternatively, you can draw a relaxing, bubble bath in your very own spa-inspired bathroom to ease you into the next part of your day.


Mind & Body

Your body and mind work better when they are nourished with healthy meals full of vitamins and minerals. With that in mind, take advantage of easy access to the delightful assortment of whole food options at Bethesda Central Farm Market on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Located on Arlington Road at Old Georgetown, you’ll find fabulously fresh veggies and fruits, meat and eggs, and new ingredients that will inspire you and, perhaps, broaden your culinary horizons too. Bring your edible bounty back to a chef-inspired kitchen in your Gallery Bethesda II apartment to whip up a healthy and delicious dinner, or take it to the rooftop and fire up the pizza ovens for an al fresco adventure.



You don’t have to look far to find a way to boost your mood at Gallery Bethesda II. For starters, the seasons have changed; so treat yourself to a wardrobe refresh. Take a splurge day at the shops nearby and find a new look in Bethesda Row's boutique stores. A well-timed retail therapy session and a new pair of shoes can go a long way to renewing your outlook and exciting you to take on a new day with vigor. 

Spirits for the spirit…perhaps a bracing cocktail with fresh flavors of the season could work wonders to perk you up. From our elegant downtown Bethesda apartments, head in nearly any direction with some friends and you will find a fine purveyor of craft cocktails to put that twinkle back into your eye. Engrossing conversations with your companions are sure to follow and maybe even a fortuitous encounter with a new face. 


Mind, Body & Spirit

Sometimes, all you need is a little sun and cool water for a complete revitalization. Take the elevator up to the rooftop for your session at our pool and sun deck. A brisk dip and a dose of vitamin D can raise spirits while giving you a sun-inspired glow, just remember to use sunscreen. Plus, a couple minutes gazing out over the glorious landscape from the elevated perch of the Gallery Bethesda II rooftop terrace will give you the perspective you need to find your enlightened center.

The best part about a life at Gallery Bethesda II is that all of these ways to refresh and revitalize are available to you daily, making any time a good time to partake. If you haven’t made your appointment to tour Gallery Bethesda II, what are you waiting for? 

We want to know what you do when you want to refresh in Bethesda. What does “Refreshed You” mean to you? Share a comment or photo with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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