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Adorn Your Home with Welcoming, Natural Greenery

A vibrant apartment with perfectly placed plants is as lovely as it is inviting. But one of the most overlooked things when decorating an apartment is adding some life to the space, besides you or your pet. Live plants add fresh energy to a space that you can’t duplicate with anything else, and they fit in nicely with Gallery Bethesda II’s green community, designed for LEED Gold® standards. Enhance your home with an air-cleaning companion that requires little effort and adds a welcoming touch to your space. Here are a few things to think about and options for your Bethesda apartment.



Even though Gallery Bethesda II is pet-friendly, some plants are not. Many beautiful apartment plants are toxic to our dogs and cats. We hope you’ll be able to refrain from nibbling on the leaves of any plant you bring home, but for your four-legged companions, it’s not so easy. Cats are notorious for chewing on vegetation and dogs can do the same. Be sure to select only plants that are pet-friendly, otherwise you could be setting yourself up for returning home to a sick kitty or puppy. Also, standing floor plants are very tempting as digging spots for both cats and dogs, so it may not be in your best interest to put a big pot of dirt in a room to tempt them.

Consider a spider plant or aloe; both are pet-friendly. The spider plant is good for low light areas and the aloe will give you the added bonus of a salve for your sunburn once summer rolls around.

Sunlight and Shade

The expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows in the apartments at Gallery Bethesda II let in lots of natural light, or not if you lower the roller shades, so you have options. Though you should still consider what part of your elegant apartment you would like to put the prospective new vegetative tenant.

For low sun, consider a fern or orchid. A fern will give you a pop of green and that outdoor feel, while orchids have unrivalled appeal and would delightfully accentuate the natural stone kitchen counters.

For sunny spots, consider a snake plant. These are nearly impossible to kill, and does great in full sun. And, given the proper conditions, it may even give you aromatic white flowers.


Easy care

Apartment living has certain advantages. If anything goes wrong, the 24-hour full-service concierge can arrange for someone to fix it for you. And if you’ve gotten into the low-to-no maintenance lifestyle, think about curating a mix of desert plants. They can live for a long time without water and need sun, but once you find the spot, you won’t have to move them.

Consider cacti, succulents or a terrarium. These are not only attractive decorative plants, they don’t take much to keep them that way.


Go to the Pros

Head over to American Plant, with two locations on River Road. American Plant is a wonderful local option that can help you find chic ways to add plants into spaces and enhance your day at the same time. Plus, you can get advice and tips to perfect your own urban garden, no matter how small.


We hope you take a moment to see how a nook or shelf in your apartment would benefit from a splash of natural color. And if you find the perfect plant, but need a beautiful home to match, Gallery Bethesda II apartments in downtown Bethesda is a great place to find one.

Join us for our Grand Opening event Saturday, April 27, from noon to 4 p.m., RSVP here, or schedule your private tour today!

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