In 1971, Eugene Ford Sr. founded Edgewood Management in order to provide superior management services that met his high standards of excellence for properties he had established under his development company,  MidCity Financial. Ford shaped Edgewood Management to fill this void in the housing industry and help him achieve his goal of quality, long-term ownership. 

Building on the solid reputation and success of Edgewood, in 2012, Vantage was born and led the way to more joint ventures and opportunities to expand our services. Founded with the same aspirations, The Ford Family launched Vantage Management to focus on a growing number of conventional multifamily properties.  Together, the Ford Family Companies offer premier property management solutions for all types of owners –  ranging from government agencies to private real estate investment groups. With performance, people and pride as our guiding principles, we are uniquely positioned to accomplish asset goals, add value and cultivate a community and lifestyle that best suits our residents’ needs.

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Vantage Management specializes in management of conventional and mixed income multifamily properties.

Our mission is simple—to create vibrant communities and deliver visionary performance. 

Every task we undertake is executed with this in mind and the following objectives guide us in promoting our mission. 

INNOVATION at Vantage Management in Gaithersburg, Maryland


Vantage’s business intelligence technologies offer clients a comprehensive picture of their properties’ financial performance. Specializing in property, asset and cash management, we offer our partners incomparable vendor relationships and insightful reporting tools that set us apart in the industry.

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Our dedicated Accounting, Compliance, Marketing, Maintenance, Operations, Technology and Training Departments comprise the foundation for our properties’ financial and experiential success. Our talented team, hands-on market knowledge and dedication to providing outstanding customer service ensure day-to-day excellence.

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For more than a decade, we have been successfully managing individual investor-owned and institutional portfolios by paying close attention to details, proactively communicating and delivering award-winning services. Our core values guide our day-to-day decision-making processes, and our key capabilities enable us to often exceed our clients’ expectations.


The strength of Vantage Management lies not in any one thing we do, but in the sum of our parts. It is decades of experience in providing superior multi-family homes and our unending dedication to excellence that ensures our success in each of the services we provide. 

In partnership with our sister company, Edgewood Management, we’ve been uniquely positioned to excel in the management of affordable, mixed income, and conventional properties. Together, we have built and are able to maximize an industry-recognized team with expertise at all levels in order to offer both superior service and peace of mind to clients and residents alike. 

With approximately 900 employees, our depth of experience in managing new construction, renovation projects, lease-ups, and properties that have complex regulatory and financial requirements, sets us apart from the rest.  Our premier property management solutions and tailored programs and services not only exceed our clients’  goals but add value and cultivate a lifestyle that best suits our residents’ needs.

Rooftop lounge at a property owned by Vantage Management in Gaithersburg, Maryland
Kitchen at a property owned by Vantage Management in Gaithersburg, Maryland
Game room at a property owned by Vantage Management in Gaithersburg, Maryland
Bedroom with a ceiling fan at a property owned by Vantage Management in Gaithersburg, Maryland


Vantage maintains membership in numerous industry groups and partners with several leading organizations in order to broaden our knowledge base, stay up-to-date with trends and strengthen our credibility in the marketplace.

Diligent Service


Vantage is committed to conducting our property management operations responsibly as well as supporting our clients’ green initiatives. We use the latest green products and technologies in both our corporate offices and onsite while providing ongoing training for our associates. Our team manages and has been recognized for our assistance with energy/eco-friendly programs, such as:

  • Purchasing of firm and interruptible gas and electric utilities from deregulated 3rd parties
  • Utility cost and usage tracking 
  • Retrofit water conservation plans 
  • RUBS or Sub-metering billing 
  • Lighting retrofit
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Lush lawn at a property owned by Vantage Management in Gaithersburg, Maryland
Water feature at a property owned by Vantage Management in Gaithersburg, Maryland

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