Vantage Management's innovative solutions and flawless execution improve the results of multi-family properties.

Cash Management

Vantage takes your cash flow as seriously as you do. That's why our corporate and on-site software programs are set up to monitor daily cash balances, plus all accounting, budgeting, payroll, and utility usage.

All accounting functions go through a multi-level, daily review to ensure reporting accuracy before decisions are made and invoice payments are authorized. Invoice scanning, utility tracking and payroll hours are entered into a secure, web-based system that creates greater visibility, enables online authorization of expenditures, nearly eliminates paper and reduces the necessary processing time.



Vantage uses the most efficient and comprehensive accounting software available to manage properties. Through the use of web portals, our clients have 24-hour access to financial and operational information giving them the ability to effectively monitor their asset. Our sophisticated general ledger software can accommodate financial reporting in any chart of accounts specified by owners or regulatory agencies. Our system supports both cash and accrual books simultaneously. Standard operating reports OF ALL KINDS are provided to owners and can be exported into various formats such as PDF and Excel, which allows the information to be easily transmitted or used electronically for other tasks including financial reports and property comparisons.




Through our proprietary software, Regional Property Managers and Executive Staff can effectively monitor, in real time, a property's financial position on a 24-hour basis. In addition, our associates, regardless of their location, have the same access to our internal network system, whereby they're able to access digitally archived documents. Our clients benefit from the ability to easily benchmark and monitor their assets' performance through our reporting systems on secure web portals. Our proprietary software includes the following features:


Accounts Payable Feature – Allows users to scan and input invoices. After the electronic approval process, data is transferred to the accounting system for check payment, which feeds into the A/P system. Keeping the processing time to a minimum and reducing the amount of paper needed.

Cash Position Feature – Interfaces with the bank daily to record current, real time, available cash balances. Tracks obligations that have a specific set-aside by priority (i.e. management fee, payroll, utilities and mortgage).

Budget Tracking Feature – Tracks monthly and year-to-date variance.

Payroll Feature – Allows inputting of employee hours bi-weekly and approves them electronically. Data is then transferred from ADP and back to ADP.

Utility Tracking Feature– Measures consumption and cost by meter, separated by electric, gas, water and sewer.